Just Another Disney Group

Just Another Disney Group

There are plenty of Disney related groups to join; however, not all incorporate all of what Disney owns into their contests, such as things other than Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, like Hyperion Books, Touchstone Pictures, Muppets, and ABC. I would like to make a lot of contests according to popular demand for a certain theme under the Disney Family.
What is included (that I know of) in the Disney Family:
Star Wars
Hyperion Books (Percy Jackson series, etc)
Touchstone Pictures (Nightmare Before Christmas, Dead Poets Society, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc)
ABC (Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, etc)
Hollywood Records (Disney singers and soundtracks)
A&E (Storage Wars, Bates Motel, etc)
Lifetime (Dance Moms, etc)
History Channel (Pawn Stars, Vikings, etc)
Not Included:
Summit Entertainment
Dreamworks (Shrek, Madagascar, How to TrainYour Dragon)
HarperCollins (Divergent, Lorien Legacies, A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Universal Pictures
21st/20th Century Fox
Warner Bros (DC Comics, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, Sherlock Holmes)
MGM Holdings (Teen Wolf, Stargate, Gilligan's Island, Legally Blonde)

If there is crossover (such as a movie or TV show appearing on a channel in the Disney Family but being produced by someone who isn't) it can be included in this group.

* ღ Quintessential Afternoon Tea ღ *

* ღ Quintessential Afternoon Tea ღ *

“Everything for the Quintessential Afternoon Tea” #Wicksteads
Afternoon Tea is a Beautiful occasion which can be a small intimate gathering with your closest friends or Grand Occasions such as Weddings & Birthdays.
Everyone is welcome to our group. Show off your individuality, creativity, style & most importantly uniqueness.
In this group we would love to see all your Afternoon Tea themed sets.
As well as Afternoon Tea themed sets, all other sets are more than welcome such as Fashion, Art, Home, Beauty... Any Sets are welcome.
We will hold weekly competitions (if not more) which will occasionally including Prizes of Gift Vouchers & Items.
Trophies will be given out when we can.
Will always have 12 Winners ^.^
Most Competitions will be for Old & New sets

This group was created on the 12th September 2014
♥♥♥ We Support the campaign “Be Original”. Do Not copy sets or steal ideas off other members ♥♥♥
Thank you for joining
Quintessential Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea is an Elegant Beautiful affair so we have a few Rules! Any set submitted that has broken any of our rules will be be removed & you will be sent a warning. The Rules are...
NO Drugs or Smoking
NO Vulgar Nudity, Burlesque & Pin-Ups are okay
NO Violence / Promotion of Violence / References to Violent / Horror films
If Any of these rules are broken the set will be removed by me and you will be sent a message letting you know why it has been removed.

The Offcial Lord Of The Rings Group

The Offcial Lord Of The Rings Group

This group is for people who love LOTR:) I promise we will have a contest every week! And please check the contests to enter. All I need you to do is to join!!
This is for Lord of the Rings-sets, collections, template, etc.... So invite your contacts and find people on polyvore who loves LOTR:D
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Sharp Alternative

Sharp Alternative

Goth, Indie, Retro, Steampunk, Lolita, Rocker, Victorian, Edgy, Dark Romantic, Underground, and all other alternative styles turned into something sharp and classy.



Remember the mid 80's - mid 90's? Remember Nirvana, Alice in Chains, SubPop, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Garbage, Bush, Mother Love Bone, Mad Season, Stone Temple Pilots, The Singles movie? You like that kind of style? Please add your sets here.

Thank you all for joining! :o))))))
p.s. only grunge style. all others will be deleted.